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2020 Tourism Summit & AGM

Bracewell Lodge - Tatlayoko Lake BC | Kari Medig


November 25 & 26

While our world looks very different, our team remains committed to serving you! Working with key global partners we will be bringing your Annual Tourism Summit and AGMs to you in a new format to ensure that you have the opportunity to grow the tools your business needs to be successful in 2021. Within every challenge lies an opportunity for transformation.

Recovery, resiliency, and regeneration start from within. We invite you to join us in coming together as a tourism community to learn, strategize, collaborate, and move forward better than before. 12 panels. 2 streams. Over 50 world-renowned speakers and industry experts from around the globe.

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Annual General Meeting Documents

CCCTA Agenda

AGM – CCCTA Minutes Nov 2, 2019

Annual Service Reports

CCCTA AGM 2020 Video



AGM – CCCTMA Minutes Nov 2, 2019

CCCTMA AGM Presentation Marketing Highlights – Video

2020 Marketing & MRDT Collection in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast – Video


Keynote Speakers


Anna Pollock

Based on an extensive career as a researcher, strategist, and change catalyst serving the international tourism and hospitality sector, Anna is passionate about its capacity to generate well-being, wealth, and welfare for people and places provided that it is managed properly i.e. with respect for the interdependence and connectedness of all life and in harmony with the laws of nature. Recognised by the industry as a visionary, she sees herself as a sense maker, communicator, and catalyst with a knack and drive to delve beneath surface details in order to discern and describe the shape and power of underlying forces. Anna is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker, founder of Conscious Travel, international tourism consultant, and change agent.



Bill Reed

Bill is an internationally recognized practitioner, lecturer, and leading authority in sustainability and regenerative planning, design and implementation. Bill is a principal in Integrative Design, Inc. and Regenesis organizations working to lift green building and community planning into full integration and evolution with living systems. His work centers on creating and implementing a whole and living-systems design process. The benefits of this process include higher efficiency, lower costs, reduced waste, faster time to market, and the realization of exponential value to the social, ecological, financial and human qualities of a project, the community and its ecosystem.

Bill is an author of many technical articles and contributed to many books including co-author of the seminal work, “Integrative Design Guide to Green Building.” He is a founding Board of Director of the US Green Building Council and one of the co-founders of the LEED Green Building Rating System. In addition to being considered one of the leading thinkers in this field, Bill has also consulted on over two hundred green design commissions, the majority which are LEED Gold and Platinum and Living Building Challenge projects. He is also a keynote speaker at major building and design events as well as a guest lecturer to universities throughout Europe and North America including Harvard, MIT, Princeton and UPenn.



Geoffrey Lipman

Professor Geoffrey has occupied many pathfinding and pathmaking positions, including former Executive Director of International Air Transport Association (IATA); President of World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC); Assistant Secretary-General, UN World Tourism Organization. He is Co-Founder of SUNx Strong Universal Network member of Club of Rome; Advocates Climate Resilience (Building global climate learning, innovation and resilience network; promoter of impact assessments. He advances tourism as a serious socio economic sector; drives airline liberalization agenda; pioneers new travel and tourism measurement systems, green certification, and China’s Tourism opening; devised UNWTO ST-EP Program, Davos Climate Summit, and G20/T20 program. Co-author of books on green growth, travelism, and EIU airline liberalization studies. Visiting Professor, Victoria University (Australia) and Hasselt University (Belgium).



Jeremy Sampson

Jeremy is the CEO of the Travel Foundation, a leading NGO in the travel and tourism sector. Under Jeremy’s leadership the Travel Foundation is working with travel companies and destinations to better understand the impacts of tourism and maximise its benefits for local people and the environment. He has also been instrumental in spearheading the launch of the Future of Tourism Coalition. With experience in the tourism, conservation, and sustainability arenas, Jeremy has lived on three continents, and worked extensively in more than 30 countries with the public sector, SMEs, multinationals, and civil society.



Rochelle Turner

Rochelle is the Head of Research & Insight at MaCher, a sustainable design firm, a B Corp. and a signatory and participant in the United Nations Global Compact. In her role, she uses business and academic insights to understand the motivations and dynamics of people and organisations, applying research to help solve a client’s business and/or marketing challenges. Rochelle has spent her whole career conducting consumer, economic, market and policy research within the tourism sector. She has held senior roles at MORI (now Ipsos-MORI), TUI, Which?, the UK’s consumer organisation and most recently, as VP Research & Sustainability at the World Travel & Tourism Council.



Michael Shellenberger

Michael Shellenberger is a global thinker on energy, technology and the environment. Michael is founder and president of Environmental Progress. He is a long-time advocate of clean energy innovation and environmental progress as part of a paradigm shift in how we think about and deal with environmental problems. He is co-founder and Senior Fellow at Breakthrough Institute, and on the Advisory Board of MIT’s “Future of Nuclear Energy” task force. Michael is Time Magazine “Hero of the Environment” (2008) and coauthor of An Ecomodernist Manifesto (2015) and Nature Unbound (2105).

He writes for publications including Scientific American, The New York Times, & the Washington Post. His 2015 TEDx talk was on “How Humans Save Nature.” He has appeared on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report,” in a feature-length documentary about pro-nuclear environmentalists, “Pandora’s Promise,” and has debated nuclear on CNN “Crossfire” & at UCLA (2016). His 2007 book with Ted Nordhaus, Break Through, was called “prescient” by Time and “the best thing to happen to environmentalism since Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring” by Wired.


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