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Travel Media Updates, Insights and Trends May 2021

Alone - Chilcotin | Ryan Pender/ITV

Tales of Timing, Location and Luck

Good timing and location often smoothen the path towards success in any project. Add a measure of luck and things can be rendered a little or even a whole lot easier.

Recently a couple of projects on the Travel Media and Film Office desk that have been in the works for years picked up some traction and we must admit the feeling of forward movement was literally a breath of Fresh Air – Something we all could use more of right now.

Earlier in his life my Dad would often say “Good Timing is Everything” another statement he repeated was “Location, Location, Location is critical to business”. Later in his life Dad would say “I’d rather be lucky than good” then laugh out loud.

Where are we going with this? Read on…..

Travel Media

Early in the winter of 2019 we collaborated with some travel media colleagues that had recommended our region to the advertising agency representing Harley Davidson’s magazine “The Enthusiast” (formerly H.O.G.) for potential feature story locations. We collaborated with the agency and regional partners to successfully land an assignment that would feature adventuresome locations along The Gold Rush Trail. During the planning stages it became clear that the timing wasn’t perfect for the trip so we planned to reschedule the project the next spring. We had a great location, our timing was sorted out, and then bad luck came into play.

Fortunately the Spring of 2021 still offered the opportunity to showcase our beautiful locations to a future audience of road trip hungry riders from around the globe! Finally the timing to get to the key locations was all falling into place, we would only need a little good luck to realize our goals. In the Fraser Canyon the weather was fabulous and we were getting the shots and video clips we needed for the story. As we rolled closer and closer the end of the trail only one marque shot remained to anchor the story. As the Harley was thundering into the Cariboo Mountains lightning was following in the distance… The feature will be published globally this June in The Enthusiast  

Film Office

In 2012 we received a location request for a remote place from a yet to be named reality TV show that was looking for a vast untamed area to work in. The CCCTA Film office pitched them three locations we felt were strong candidates. One each in the Cariboo, Chilcotin and Coast. As it turned out we lost out to Vancouver Island a few times. Then season after season the producers picked farther away places like Patagonia and the North West Territories for the increasingly popular show “Alone”. In the early winter of 2019 a location scout contacted us with a familiar sounding ask about vast remoteness…. They were back! And this time we were fortunate enough to assist the production company with shooting in the Chilcotin for Season 8 of Alone 

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